1. One of my most proud moments, when I had the privilege of drawing Tim, Damian and Dick all together. Just missing Jason and Steph. 

    Pencils by me

    Inks by Ray McCarthy

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  3. First pick up. #Robin #dccomics #newera

  4. My buddy Adam Metcalfe threw some colours on it, whatchu think?

    Also he does a lot of custom Munni’s so check out his blog to see his wicked stuff


  5. Interesting getting 2 Dick Grayson pieces in 1 week no? This one though is young Dick as Robin drawn for the lovely lady that made me the Booster Gold plushy at this past year’s Toronto FanExpo. Sorry again this took so long Kathy!

  6. So since you all seem really keen on me drawing Damian I did this sketch a little while ago but neglected to post this so here it is, a small sketch of the kid. Enjoy!

  7. So a while ago I posted a Bitter Robin piece done by one Farnell and now is asking for some love to make this piece into a shirt on threadless.com. Now I don’t usually do this but I really want to buy this shirt so I figure I would post this anyways

    Here’s the link and you can show just how much you want this shirt made


  8. j0elg:

    Damian Wayne

    Never drawn the little jerk, but it was fun.

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  9. spoonr:

    At the DC ART MASTERS: DRAWING BATMAN panel! This is Marcus To showing us how he sketches his Jason Todd Robin!

    Heheh, I was panicking a bit while drawing this in front of everyone :I It was supposed to be Dick not Jason though :)

  10. socialismandnakedpeople:



    Teen Titans 100 Pin-Up

    Aw, you girls stole my thunder, was gonna post this this weekend…..

    can this be a print or something so I can have it framed on my wall

    O and I am making this into a print for Fan Expo and possibly Emerald City con in Seattle

    (via oldsportanime)