1. One of my most proud moments, when I had the privilege of drawing Tim, Damian and Dick all together. Just missing Jason and Steph. 

    Pencils by me

    Inks by Ray McCarthy

  2. A sweet Pouty Batman from my buddy Michael Cho @Michael_Cho

  3. j0elg:

    Damian Wayne

    Never drawn the little jerk, but it was fun.

    #comics  #batman  #damianwayne

  4. thebirdandthebat:

    Robin and Nightwing out for a ride on Totoro Batman

    Totoro Batman is my favorite Batman

  5. kateordie:

    This is my cheap ploy to try and knock my follower count over the 5,000 mark. Can we do it, adorable Batman?!



    (via keiren-smith)

  6. comicbookcosplay:


    Submitted by redfortressabovethewater

    Oh yea Robin

  7. to-tallymarcus:

    Superman vs. Batman

  8. to-tallymarcus:

    Baby Tam! I lover her adorable little hat.

  9. I’m sure this was passed around already by other people and it’s on my DA but I figure I had to start my tumblr with a bat hug :)