1. #MarcusToNewWarriors contest WINNERS!

    Alright so this took some tough decisions and I want to thank everyone who participated, you all rock!

    And now the First Place Winner is……


    Second place is XYRIATH

    And the 3 Third places are:




    Congratulations to everyone who won, please message me and we can get you set up.

    Thank you again to everyone and thank you so much for picking up New Warriors! I really do have the best fans <3

  2. Maximum Velocity is a comic I created in high school which was about 66 pages. This is how I really worked on my storytelling and work ethic.

    I’ve been sitting on these for a while and wonder if I should just post them up for people to read and see how I progressed. Though it’s TERRIBLY written and HORRIBLY drawn, so I wanna ask you all if I should post the whole story? PS it has no ending :S

  3. (via How I Got My Job (A Series): Marcus To)

    A little interview I did with Leigh Hart from ComicBookDaily about how I got started in comics. And pie!

  4. My layouts for issue 1 of New Warriors, This is how I plan out the issue while reading Chris’ script. Sometimes I feel this is the hardest part of the process.

  5. My first attempt at colouring. Something not too complicated

    Bye Luongo, was great watchin you play for the good guys

  6. Some progress from New Warriors 2 with Water Snake and Kaine

  7. Just cause we were talking about him… First time drawing him 

    Being the vain artist that I am (it’s all about me and my books), for
    those who bought New Warriors 1 and want to share with the world how
    much you love New Warriors, Chris Yost and myself: here’s your shot.
    All you have to do is post a creative photo of yourself reading New Warriors #1 with the hashtag #MarcusToNewWarriors and a short sentence why you deserve to win!


    - Can be posted on Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook, or all 3
    - Only one entry per person, per social media platform
    - Must be following me on at least one of these social media sites
    - Must include the hashtag #MarcusToNewWarriors

    -If possible include your handle on the pic

    - Photo must be PG
    - Please tag me in the post (Twitter: @marcusto, Facebook: Marcus
    Anthony To, Tumblr: MarcusTo)
    - Have fun with it

    What you win:

    1st place prize:
    - One character of your choice full 11x17 commission
    - 8x10 custom New Warriors blank sketchbook with a head sketch on the first page
    - New Warriors #1 signed copy and mini print

    2nd place prize:
    - 8x10 custom New Warriors blank sketchbook with a head sketch on the first page
    - New Warriors #1 signed copy and mini print

    3rd place prizes (3 in total):
    - New Warriors #1 signed copy and mini print

    The winners will be selected with the help of a panel of judges from The RAID studios, so make your photo original and fun!

    Contest ends March 25 2014 at 11:59pm EST

  9. Just a friendly reminder that NEW WARRIORS #1 comes out this Wednesday February 19th as well as the 2 places you can catch me signing this week:

    Feb 19 noon-4pm at the Silver Snail Toronto ( info )

    Feb 20 At the Powerade Center in Brampton brought to you by the Brampton Beast and Stadium comics ( info )

    And be sure to get your copy soon cause you’ll need it for the contest to be announced on Friday, so keep your eyes peeled.


  10. Preview of New Warriors #2 up on CBR check it :)