1. RAID PANEL: A Page Every Day: How to draw faster, better, and smarter.

    Sunday Aug 31 4:00pm Room 701B

    Myself, Cary Nord and Scott Hepburn moderated by Anthony Falcone from the Storybeater podcast  will be talking about how we manage to survive a monthly deadline and how to keep yourself drawing at a better pace. 

    I’m pretty excited about this panel as we discuss a lot of things that are hard for artists to overcome and our own work process that helped us be faster. I hope you all have time to join us, I know it can be tough as the time for the panel is pretty much the end of the con.


  2. It’s FanExpo time again, this time us RAID guys are all bunched together. If you’re looking for me my table is P24, I think I’m sitting next to this Francis Manapul guy. As usual I will be doing commissions and having prints for sale.

    i will also be at 2 panels on Sunday:

     Breaking into comics the Marvel Way at 2:30pm Sunday

    RAID STUDIO PANEL - A Page Every Day: How to draw faster, better, and smarter ROOM 701B 4pm Sunday

    Can’t wait to see you all there!

  3. I used a draw a lot of athletes when i was a kid, and lately I’ve been wanting to do more sports illustrations. And since it’s football season real soon I figure I’d sketch up Peyton here for all my Bronco fans


  4. What I do on my days off after months of deadline crunch? More drawing apparently, only this time trying my hand at colouring. Since for me colouring is so daunting and for some reason even more so on the computer, I tried my hand at some more copic colours on my favorite green fighitng machines. I really flew by the seat of my pants on this one trying to colour each turtle differently than the last to learn. also shooting straight from rough layout pencils . I hope you guys like it!


  5. more sketching today. Wanted to draw some Gambit and Rogue for a while. Though thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit.


  6. Trying to sketch….

    It’s been a while since I’ve drawn these friends together, I feel rusty

  7. Sailor Moon,

    A while back i was struck with the inspiration to try drawing the Sailor Scouts and the finished results are finally here. Thanks to the very talented Ian Herring (Ms.Marvel, Spider-Man) for the colours. I hope you all like it, it’s my first time drawing these characters.

    This print will be available starting with FanExpo in a couple of weeks


  8. marcusto:

    So many hugs.

    The fantastic top image is done by Colours07 on Deviantart thanks Hanza for showing this to me.

    I really liked the emotion in the image Colours07 did and wanted to share it with you all.


    EDIT credit to Colours 07 on DA and Ladymangoberry on Tumblr

    Thanks to Discowing for the heads up

  9. Aquaman

    A piece I did for my friend Michael McCalister and coloured by the amazing Randy Mayor. He did an amazing job especially when I left him all the background to do :)

  10. One of my most proud moments, when I had the privilege of drawing Tim, Damian and Dick all together. Just missing Jason and Steph. 

    Pencils by me

    Inks by Ray McCarthy