1. For those interested in Hacktivist some progress shots of page 1 issue 1. I’ve been trying some different things with pencils and inking. Hope you enjoy!

  2. I haven’t posted much on Tumblr lately huh? I’m sorry I’m such a terrible person. I’ll try to make it up to you all after I finish with this 2 books a month thing by March. For now here’s some pencils from Batwing with a special guest star :) 

    Looking back on this I feel I did a pretty decent job on this book :)

  3. If you are so inclined, here are some preview images via ComicVine and CBR

  4. Are you free January 22nd? If so swing by Paradise Comics from 4-7 to celebrate the release of HACKTIVIST with myself and Ian Herring. Get your books signed and perhaps a sketch. 

    It’s much colder here than Pasadena but we’ll have a good time 

    Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/178057275738013/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

  5. I was cleaning out my storage locker and found a bunch of old art work and this gem from when I was 18 (2001) popped up. I’ve never ever played any of the FF games but I knew a girl that liked Squall and hell I’m a sucker. But this is one of the rare pieces I fully coloured.


  6. A while ago I got some ideas from The Dangerous Ladies to do some redesigns for a couple of characters. While working on Adventures of Superman I felt the need to do a couple of Super Fam redesigns just for fun. Nothing really crazy or extensive but I thought I would share since I haven’t posted anything in a while.

    I have a Superboy one too which i’ll post another day.

    I’ve been thinking in the new year to do more drawing as well as Livestreams while working. Hopefully time will permit and I don’t lose interest :S

  7. In case any of you wanted to know, you now buy the Superman story that @jtkrul @tweetianherring and I did in issue 6 of Adventures of Superman out today October 23 at your LCBS 


  8. Bringin the band back together as @yost said to me


    Ok so October is my month and I have a couple of fun things on the horizon but the first thing I thought would maybe be interesting is that I will be turning on ANONYMOUS asks in my ask box. So for those who really want to  ask me something and too shy to now is your chance. That said I can choose not to answer in case it’s about something that I should not be talking about here.

    Stay tuned later tonight for some more Oc-TO-ber specials.


    PS- I suck at coloring but I tried a little of colour on my Shadowman 11 cover.

  10. On Friday September 20th Ian Herring and I will be signing at the Comic Book Lounge on College st from 7pm till late into the night :)

    I hope you all can come join us, it’s very casual, there will be drinks and good times. See you guys there!

    The Comic Book Lounge, 587A (Upstairs) College St, Toronto, Ontario