My first double page spread for New Warriors, was exciting finally drawing them all together in one shot.


    I was really starting get a hold of drawing these characters in this issue

  3. I’m so late on updating….

    Some progress shots of NEW WARRIORS issue 3 

    I do a lot of making crap up in the inking stage. I find it more liberating as well as making sure to do some things without the safety net of an eraser

  4. Going through my computer trying to organize the mess that is my scans I came across one of my first samples I drew at 19 getting ready for the Long Beach Comic Con a long time ago. I was pretty into Zombie movies after watching Dawn of the Dead (The one with Sarah Polley) so I guess this was 2004. This was actually really fun to play with this kind of story telling, something I haven’t played around with in a long time.


  5. Scarlet Spider pencils and inks

    Drawn for WingedCoyoteDesigns who won the #MarcusToNewWarriors contest.

  6. One more before the weekend. A piece I drew for my friend Michelle at the behest of her Husband Arune for her birthday.

    Steph Brown Batgirl pencils and inks

  7. Sailor Moon print inks

    The plan is to get Ms. Marvels Ian herring to colour it for Fan Expo Toronto. Fingers crossed these all get done.


  8. The inks for the Superman Family piece I’m working on. I’m gonna try to colour this one myself… Here’s hoping it turns out alright.


  9. For those who want to read the Superman/Wonder Woman motion comic online for free

    Written by Josh Elder and drawn by me.

    This came out pretty neat me thinks

  10. So apparently yesterday Wendy’s started putting out their WonderWoman/Superman Kid’s Meals. And accompanying those is a comic book I did for DC licensing  a while back. 

    I have no idea when or if they are planning to release these in Canada but if they are please feel free to let me know so I can get some of these myself.

    So anyways here’s a few of the pieces I did for the project. The cover was pencilled by me and inked by the ever so amazing Sandra Hope!