1. So apparently yesterday Wendy’s started putting out their WonderWoman/Superman Kid’s Meals. And accompanying those is a comic book I did for DC licensing  a while back. 

    I have no idea when or if they are planning to release these in Canada but if they are please feel free to let me know so I can get some of these myself.

    So anyways here’s a few of the pieces I did for the project. The cover was pencilled by me and inked by the ever so amazing Sandra Hope!


  2. I get to finally tell people to go to Wendy’s and pick up the Superman/Wonder Woman kids meal cause guess who drew the comic and Superman swoop toy…. Moi! Will post some pics tomorrow. Thanks to Alex Antone for putting me in this project.

    (Source: hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman)

  3. One more thing I’m working on for Fan Expo, the pencils for a Sailor Moon pinup. Inking it as we speak. This is my first time drawing them so it’s been fun but kinda stressful :)

  4. Sometime last year I drew this Superman fam piece and some people suggested I added to this meaning Lois Lane etc… Here’s the updated version with more of the Superman cast

  5. Some process shots of New Warriors 2. I really really enjoy drawing Water Snake, I really want to make her into an action star.

  6. New Warriors #1 some process shots from pencils to inks on pages 15 and 16. my pencils are pretty loose, usually just for structure, the rest of the details I do in the inking stage. A lot of times I have an idea in my head and I think it through in the pencils stage what I have to put down and what I can do right from the inks.

    I’ve been bad about posting anything lately, i apologize. I’m gonna try to do more of the process shots and commissions soon.

  7. A little pinup for the Raptors Playoff debut on Saturday! Working on my colouring…

  8. #MarcusToNewWarriors contest WINNERS!

    Alright so this took some tough decisions and I want to thank everyone who participated, you all rock!

    And now the First Place Winner is……


    Second place is XYRIATH

    And the 3 Third places are:




    Congratulations to everyone who won, please message me and we can get you set up.

    Thank you again to everyone and thank you so much for picking up New Warriors! I really do have the best fans <3

  9. Maximum Velocity is a comic I created in high school which was about 66 pages. This is how I really worked on my storytelling and work ethic.

    I’ve been sitting on these for a while and wonder if I should just post them up for people to read and see how I progressed. Though it’s TERRIBLY written and HORRIBLY drawn, so I wanna ask you all if I should post the whole story? PS it has no ending :S

  10. (via How I Got My Job (A Series): Marcus To)

    A little interview I did with Leigh Hart from ComicBookDaily about how I got started in comics. And pie!