1. Another commission I did earlier this year at #ECCC #Huntress

  2. Huntress pages are now posted up on the www.MarcusTo.com store: http://www.marcusto.com/pages-for-sale1/category/dc-comics/huntress/ and for sale!

    I apologize for the tardiness of my updates but I’ve been so busy this past year that I’ve had little to no time to deal with my site. Also remember that Fanexpo is this weekend and the page you want might be sold by Monday so if there’s a page you really want please don’t hesitate to contact me through the site.

    Thanks for your patience.


  3. So this is it, the last issue of Huntress is set to come out tomorrow. a lot of opinions on the whole HB or HW thing but I just hope you enjoyed the story no matter what side you’re on. So while you wait for the new issue out on Wednesday please check out the previews for Huntress at the Source DCU blog.

    It was a wild ride and hope it was fun for you as it was for me. And now onto Batwing!


  4. Huntress 6 is comin out next week but here’s a Huntress piece I just did for a family friend (Which i should have done a year ago) who’s favorite character is Huntress funny enough. Hope you enjoy!


  5. Preview of Huntress #5


    Issue #5 of Huntress is on sale Wednesday. Here’s a preview:

    WOO! Thanks for posting up the Huntress preview, I’m slipping in my old age

    (Source: dcu.blog.dccomics.com)

  6. mattdemers:

    Huntress #4 (drawn by Marcus To)

    “In the story so far, the Italian adventures of HUNTRESS have been an exciting mix of glamour and danger. The fourth issue maintains the intrigue as its eponymous heroine settles even further into her private war against Moretti and his mob.”

    From the creative team of Paul Levitz, Marcus To and John Dell, HUNTRESS #4 is in stores tomorrow.”

    Looks to be great stuff! For more comics news, columns and analysis, follow me on Tumblr or Twitter.

    Huntress 4 preview is up! Thanks to Matt Demers for putting it together so I didn’t have to :) and of course DCU blog The Source for… well, the source :)

    (via mattjustmatt)

  7. Seeing my friends over at Spitballin comics ( http://spitballincomics.blogspot.com/ ) and their theme this week “Gotham City Christmas” I thought it was a good idea and put in my own piece to say: Have a To-rrific Holidays and Happy New Year! :D

    Also don’t ask me why RR is chibi, just wanted to is all

  8. Hmmmm, no Huntress preview yet? Chairman To has got you covered. a couple of slivers to get you through till tomorrow of what to come in Huntress #3

    I didn’t know Helena was a cat person :)


  9. So it looks like the Huntress 2 preview was on the DC blog, check it out if you have time, thanks!