1. It’s interesting lately with all the changes going on in the comic world, or lack there of how many different opinions there are about it, from a lot of anger for the changing of a characters race or the excitement of a books relaunch to the importance of strong female characters.

    As a creator I am excited to see a new direction in comics to try to bring the medium into a new generation.

    As an Asian-Canadian am sad to not see more racial diversity (or at least an asian character that isn’t around just cause he/she knows some kind of martial art)

    As a fan am cautious to see how my favorite characters will be treated as they are handed off to new creative teams over and over again.

    I do think that talking about it at conventions and on forums and blogs as well as articles like this is a good thing to bring attention to what you readers want to see. But not all opinions are valid or acceptable as I’ve noticed a lot of people online can be very hateful.

    I just wanted to put a few cents into the conversation after reading this article because it does hit close to home for me and Jill Pantozzi says it much better than I do.

    I’ll stop now since I’m just rambling….

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    Eloquently put. I can’t browse through the comments section of online articles (comics related and otherwise) without...
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    not disagreeing but amadeus cho is very important! he’s a prominent character in my opinion. everyone knows jubilee. i...
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    Now to interrupt all of this slashy spam with an important message. I think it is a wonderful thing when comics creators...
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