1. I just read probably the WORST review I’ve ever gotten on anything ever, but I have to say I was actually amazed on how much this person hated Batwing 12, both me and Judd’s work on the book. I’m honestly not hurt by this but I just HAD to share this because of the dislike. That said I will not post who said this out of respect for the blogger.

    It starts off with a jpeg of the cover of Batwing 12 with a caption underneath sayind “This cover screams, “I AM A COVER ARTIST AND I GIVE NO FUCKS!” " Here’s what he said about the cover to Batwing 12:

    Look at it! LOOK! I’m pretty sure it’s half finished. Eight people on the cover and I count three half foots. Every character is making fists except for Batwing’s left hand which is stretched out flat (the other easy way to draw a hand). A few of the characters have the majority of their bodies off-cover while the rest have a good amount of their bodies covered by other characters. No background. And where are they coming from? Batwing and Booster look like they’re flying. Nightwing is doing his typical crouch jump. Godiva, Guy, General, and Batman are running down a non-existent hill. And OMAC is just belly flopping into the mix. I would like to say this is the shittiest, laziest, most horrible cover of the New 52 but there have been so many bad ones that I’m just not willing to commit to that statement. Okay. That’s enough.”

    Now the blogger goes on and on about how bad the writing was but I won’t share the long winded explanation why this book isn’t for him. Anyways that’s it for now being that it’s almost 3am, I gotta get back to giving no fucks about my work ;)

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    I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with the things he’s pointing out. Everything looks proportionate to me for the most...
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    As Rob Liefeld hits the Post button, he leans back in his chair a grin.
  18. jaebird88 said: Dude, I don’t know what brand of haterade this person was drinking, but having heroes leap toward the unknown is awesome in my book. It shows they can take anything on!
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    said blogger is an idiot of course because this composition is just fine. while the negative spaces between the...
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    A review is a review is a review. That’s obviously not the whole of it, but it’s perfectly legitimate so long as it’s...
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    wow, this is really a shitty review. instead of only complaining the writer should at least give some contructive...
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    One of the many reason why I love Marcus To: "I gotta get back to giving no fucks about my work"
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    Yea but you can use a pen name David so no one knows its you. Plus hate this bad is actually pretty funny but like my...
  46. themyskira said: Huh. My first thought upon seeing that cover on my dash, before seeing what you’d said underneath it, was “oh wow, what a gorgeous piece of artwork”. I guess there’s no pleasing anybody.
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    Marcus is all the time trying to get me to start a blog that sounds pretty much exactly like this.