1. I don’t know why I wish to post pictures of myself lately but maybe it’s cause I’ve forgotten how to communicate properly with the outer world or maybe I want you all to share in my late night working hours. Either way I’ve done over 80 comic pages, 3 covers, 14 pinups and countless sketches and layouts since the beginning of May. Still going too, it’s 1:30am here and working on page 8 of Batwing 0, which is actually a GREAT story and keeping me goin tonight. I hope some of you are having a fun filled Saturday night :)

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    Marcus ;A; how are you so cool
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    I have actually penciled 3 comic pages, and 3 covers in the last /2 weeks/ week, did several character expressions and...
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    This is turning out the be my perfect fan-fic not safe for work.
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