1. iamkalman:

    Hot diggety! My AvX teaser image has been released into the wild!



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  8. sick-writer answered: Bitch Please! Rachel is back too! SHES SO FABULOUS! Jean is fabulous too. :)
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  10. asparkofinsanity answered: Nightwing, by the looks of the logo xD
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    Probably Hope, but I’d kill for it to be Rachel.
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    If this series doesn’t end with mass decapitations, I think it’s safe to call this Marvel’s most misleading ad campaign...
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  23. nick073 answered: Wanda, Hope or Rachel are my guesses
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  27. tiddlyfuddly answered: images.wikia.com/youngju…
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  38. pencilsmith answered: Connor McLeod of the clan McLeod
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    Now you’re just ripping of Highlander Marvel. Art looks awesome though.
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  45. i-killed-dr-sex answered: Isn’t there an image of a Phoenix force possessed Wolverine?
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