1. After some not so great news today my gf thought to give me my bday present early and it was a tablet! Which I was sorely lacking. I suck at painting but here’s the first test of the new tablet. The best Derpachu I could muster.

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  9. piebutt said: this isn’t a squirtle marcus
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  18. dangerous-ladies said: Aaah, so cute! Hope everything is going okay for you, Marcus.
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  25. pennkoad said: I’m sure with some practice you’re gonna be a great artist one day ! Never give up !
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  28. deandraws said: Soon, you will be kicking all of our asses at tablet art. Even artists with 7 years of tablet exp. :)
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    It’s a beautiful Derpachu, Mr. To.
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    the more I look at it…the more I just wanna snatch it up and snuggle it o.o