1. Hey everyone! So as you might have heard, Huntress #1 comes out this Wednesday October 5. I thought that I’d hold a contest for my Tumblr followers before the book is released. The prizes are as follows:

    FIRST PRIZE: The original art to the Huntress teaser poster I created for Tumblr, a signed mini print of the teaser poster, and a signed copy of Huntress #1.

    SECOND PRIZE: A signed mini print of the Huntress teaser poster, a signed copy of Huntress #1, and a Huntress pencil head sketch.

    THIRD PRIZE: A signed mini print of the Huntress teaser poster, and a signed copy of Huntress #1.

    HOW TO ENTER: Reblog this post! Extra good-luck karma points if you tell your friends about the book if you think they would like it, even if they don’t read comics (hey, it couldn’t hurt!) The winners will be chosen at random out of all the people who reblogged. Likes don’t count for the contest, but count in my heart :)

    The contest starts NOW! And will end at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, October 5.

    Thanks to all of you in advance for getting the word out about Huntress, and for your continued support from Red Robin to Huntress to whatever comes next.

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