2. Tryin some manga stuff #inking #inktober #WIP #NewWarriors

  3. Group shot #NewWarriors #pencils #WIP #theRAIDstudio

  4. dokuhan:

    I met marcusto this weekend and got to take a picture of him along with my brother at #nycc - pretty damn awesome.

  5. asgardian-stars:

    Sketch commission by Marcus To, NYCC 2014

    I’M SO HAPPY. He drew cute Cass and he friended me on Facebook and he liked my Red Robin cosplay. I’m not swooning. Nope.

  7. [ Artist ~ Inoue Takehiko]

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  8. All-New Captain America #1 Preview

  9. marcusto:

    We at RAID have been working on a documentary with AT&T Uverse Buzz called Comic Artists: Next Generation about our lives in comics as well as how we work together. 

    It will be on Channel 1300 in the US starting at 3:30am PST and 6:30am EST then should be on every 3 hours or so, but not yet available for Canada. We’re working on that :)

    I hope those who are able to see it enjoy it, and let me know what you all think.

    Also in this documentary, there is a sneak peak into what I will be working on this year with BOOM! Keep your eyes peeled


    If you guys can’t watch it on TV it’s now streaming here I hope you guys like it!

  10. theworldendswithwonderland:

    Selfiecon 2k14

    I just really like taking photos with cute people ok

    And I met some of my favorite comic artists//writers!

    marcusto (artist of the best series ever aka Red Robin), Gail Simone (seriously how do you not know Gail), and Kieran Gillen (writer of Young Avengers go read it)!

    If you see yourself, feel free to tag~

    Black Cat is extremelele, Spider-Gwen in a Bathoodie is fumeister. <3