1. heinrippy said: It's a shame you're not going to ECCC! We're going to be making Archaia Cyborg costumes for the con and I really would have loved to meet you.

    :C I really hope I can see it! If I’m not there I hope to see pictures!


  2. Anonymous said: What is the price range of your commissions at conventions?

    40$ for busts and 100$ full figure


  3. summerotaku said: Mr. To! I love your stuff and the Helena Wayne Robin you sketched for me at NYCC a few years ago is totally getting some tumblr love at the moment. Anyway I want to commission another sketch from you at NYCC this year (I think you'll be going yes?) .Questions! 1. Will your prices be the same? I think it was $40 for a bust and $80 for the full figure? Or have they gone up? 2. Can you do any character? Like could I Commission Hawkeye or Lying Cat (from Saga)? 3. Do I sign up now? Or at the con?

    Hi, yes I remember that commission and happy that it’s been getting some love. my prices are the same except it’s 100$ for a full figure and any character is possible. But just in case i ask for reference material if needed. And you can come see me at the convention on the Thursday or Friday and put on the list. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


  4. thefriskywindsor:

    Saturday Evening Post covers from the 1920’s featuring women ice hockey players.

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  5. mtakara:

    Captain Marvel

    for commission list, sketchbook or nycc sketch list: mtakaraart@yahoo.com

  6. Inking #NewWarriors #wip #theRAIDstudio

  7. cognitivedissonance:

    Oh my God

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  8. iamkalman:

    I could not be more proud of this alternate cover for Captain America #25, part of a line-wide STOMP Out Bullying series of variants at marvel.

    I got to draw that fantastic Jerome Opena-designed armor, as well as revisit a formative moment from my own secret origin, since back in Middle school, I was totally that kid getting mashed into the lockers. (Fuck you Sheldon. You too Gideon.)

    Read more on the STOMP Out Bullying alternate covers (and see a few more of ‘em) here.

  9. leseanthomas:

    You can purchase RICHARD MARAZANO & XIAO SHANG’s “ S.A.M. ” here: http://www.dargaud.com/s-a-m

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  10. awkbward:

    Happy Jake. unter We Heart It.

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