1. I have arrived #sdcc2014

  2. On the road again #sdcc2014

  3. On the plane finally with my ghostly friend. On or way to Vegas then to SDCC on Thursday! I hope to meet up with many of you there

  4. j0elg:

    Batman head sketch commission #comics #dccomics #batman #darkknight #gotham #sketch #commissionart #sketchamadoodle #joelgomez

  5. thecrimsonbird:

    our whole batfamily inspired hoodie series is back in store and you can get any of these for the next three weeks! :D

    (via thelittlestbat)

  6. takigawa:

    米国コミック界で権威あるハーヴェイ賞で #サイボーグ009 アメコミ版が3部門で最終候補になりました♪ #CYBORG009 2014 Final Ballot: http://evpo.st/1nMUMjg

  7. davidjcutler:

    Groot and Rocket Raccoon // By David Cutler

    Pew pew pew

  8. gillykins:

    San Diego Comic-Con International is fast approaching so its time for a second announcement… I’ll be working with Courtyard and their Superhero HQ to find the best costumes at SDCC!

    I will have VIP Keys on Thursday and Friday for Courtyards costume contest- King & Queen of Cosplay. Come and find me when you’re in costume and you might walk away with a VIP key.

    The Courtyard Superhero HQ is located in the Petco Interactive Zone. They’ll have makeup arts available all weekend and will even have Greg Nicotero (Special FX creator for “The Walking Dead”) conducting a makeup transformation tutorial on the Saturday!

    I can’t wait for comic con to start!!!

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  10. kristaferanka:

    Pre-SDCC commission: the Black Bat