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    Middle Earth Travel Posters - Created by The Green Dragon Inn

    Prints are available for sale on Etsy.

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    Paolo Rivera one-sheet for Captain America: The First Avenger, given away as a promotion at the Hero Complex Film Festival in 2011.

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    Kat and I got a table at Anime North’s Nominoichi this year. Nominoichi is an anime and other nerdery-themed garage-sale that runs on Friday night from 7pm-10:30pm.

    We’re getting rid of not only lots of anime and video game merchandise, but also some old-ass costumes. Most of them are 4+ years…

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    EXCLUSIVE!  the cover to all New x-men 30 by Stuart, Wade and Marte

    It only LOOKS like we’re trolling some of you :)

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    Character Designs

    Some design samples based around various themes with little title cards added for fun.

    "Phantonauts" - Collection of nautical spirits wandering the seven seas aboard the Flying Dutchman.

    "The Great Escapo" - Failing magician/escape artist with a dis-interested assistant and rabbit holding his act together.

    "Junior Citizens" - see previous poster here

    'Blast off into an adventure that’s out of this world! Trouble begins above the planet designated Europa Nova. Vapour miners have been mysteriously disappearing en route to planet’s surface. The Administrator has placed the satellite in lock down until a Homeland Agent can investigate.  When the agent himself goes missing, it’s up to two teenage cosmonauts to discover this sinister plot. Aided by the hyper-intelligent simian, Rutherford, and their trusted Spacebot M156 (“Murphy”), the JUNIOR CITIZENS must solve the case before time runs out!’

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    Wait, she leveled up!


  9. What brought me to my first comic convention

    1. Hi everyone, for those who have met and talked to me at conventions know one of my most common questions I ask is what got you into comics? I've been trying to find out what fans like and want out of their comics. Now I want to see what you guys want from a convention. I wanna know what brought you to your first convention and what would bring you out to a convention that you've never been to in the future.
    2. I'm helping some friends with some info so they can put together a proper show the right way. And I've been pushing to market to the only seemingly growing but largely ignored demographic. You know who you are : )
    3. Everyone is welcome to answer the questions as the more info the better.
    4. Please feel free to share and reblog with your answer or if you like to be more discreet you can add to the google doc that is linked below.
    5. Thank you for your help.
    6. https: //docs.google.com/document/d/1v0QckOig93IQdjsSrXxyfcH4pKiPcclzP5RPsOyzr10/edit?usp=sharing